Brand YOU – What’s Your Interbrand Brand Strength Score?

Posted: February 2, 2011 in Personal Accountability
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For the past eleven years, Interbrand has been scoring and ranking the world’s brands to determine the Top 100.  While obvious, it’s worth noting that the rankings can change from year to year.  Visit this link to see the full report including last year’s biggest winners and losers.

These are the Top Ten for 2010.

Interbrand’s Brand Strength Score is comprised of 10 components, all of which play an important and equal role.  Because I believe these components can also be applied to Brand You, I have personalized the wording of each to reflect that application.

COMMITMENT – A measure of your internal commitment to or belief in your brand. Commitment is the extent to which you support your brand in terms of time, effort and investment.

PROTECTION – This component examines how secure your brand is across a number of dimensions – business, social, public, and on-line.

CLARITY – Your brand’s values, positioning and proposition must be clearly articulated and shared.

RESPONSIVENESS – This component looks at your brand’s ability to adapt to changes, challenges and opportunities. You should have a desire and ability to constantly evolve and renew yourself.

AUTHENTICITY – This component is about how soundly your brand is based on your internal beliefs. Authenticity asks if your brand has a defined heritage and a well-grounded value set, as well as if it can deliver against expectations.

RELEVANCE – This component estimates how well your brand fits with existing business and organizational needs.

UNDERSTANDING – Not only must others recognize your brand, but there must also be an in-depth understanding of its distinctive qualities and characteristics.

CONSISTENCY – This measures the degree to which your brand is experienced by others without fail or deviation.

PRESENCE – This measures the degree to which your brand feels omnipresent and how positively others discuss it in both traditional and social media.

DIFFERENTIATION – This is the degree to which others perceive your brand to be distinct from others or your competition.

So given the ten criteria, how do think you measure up?  Are you a Top 100 Brand?

Incite: Is maintaining, protecting, and building your brand a priority?  What are you doing to ensure your “ranking” either remains the same or increases every year?  If you manage others, how can help your direct reports with their personal brands?  What about your department or function’s brand?


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