Is Work a Mediaocracy?

Posted: January 9, 2011 in Performance

Some people mistakenly believe that organizations are a meritocracy.  Those who view the people at the top as those in power believe it’s an aristocracy.  Perhaps, as in real life, it’s more of a mediaocracy.

Have you heard the phrase that perception is reality? If so, then it’s not what you do; it’s not necessarily who you know.  It’s really more about what people hear and believe about you.

If so, what and where are the media channels within your organization? Who are the reporters? Are you even in the  news?  If so, what do the headlines say?  How do actually make the news?  Is it for some wonderful accomplishment, or is it, as is more common today, some negative event?

Incite: Are you in the headlines or on the sidelines?  What can you do to be an enduring force versus simply having 15 seconds of fame or shame?


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