Are You Working in Circles?

Posted: December 10, 2010 in Purpose & Direction
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The following video is an interesting metaphor for working in organizations.  It illustrates the importance of not only having purpose but having a clear sense of direction.

Because the video contains content from Sony Music Entertainment, it must be viewed directly on You Tube. Click the title to open a new window and go there now.

Robert Krulwich: Why Can’t We Walk Straight?

Could the subjects have moved in a straighter line if they were told specifically how to walk, swim, or drive in a straight line?  Probably not, a clear sense of direction is what’s important here, not receiving directions on how to do it.

What other incites do you see in the video?

Incite: Can you clearly describe your company’s purpose and strategic direction?   Your own?  What do you do to make sure your employees are not working in the dark?  Do you provide direction or directions?

Credit: I originally heard the video content in a podcast version posted by Michael Cerreto, Cognitive Retraining Specialist and Sports Psychology Counselor.

  1. Linda Mays says:

    Great job on the Walking in Circles piece. I enjoyed seeing the “directions/direction” reference. All my best to you. Linda

  2. Rick Phelps says:

    Thanks Linda. That simple concept really is a great leadership lesson and a cure for micro-managing.

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