Rewarding Behavior?

Posted: December 5, 2010 in Performance
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Most companies have reward systems in place believing that extrinsic rewards motivate employees.   Research has shown that what really motivates employees is 80% intrinsic, that is it comes from within.  Taking a more mechanistic approach, the act of working actually releases pleasurable chemicals in the brain.

After conducting many employee surveys and focus groups, I have found that one of the most underused reward systems is the manager/employee relationship.   Many employees would simply want to hear a sincere “thank you.”

To gain a deeper “incite” into the impact of external rewards, check out this 10:48 Daniel Pink video.

Incite: What do you find rewarding?  What motivates your employees?  How do autonomy, mastery, and purpose show up in your work, in how you lead others?


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